by Property Forum | Career

Zeitgeist Asset Management has announced that on January 1st, 2022, Maximilian Mendel, one of the most experienced practitioners in PRS, student housing and other fields in the living sector, will assume the position of Managing Director of their Polish subsidiary.

„We are entering a key moment when the scale of our activities in Poland - with over 800 units in our portfolio - will outweigh what we have built in the Czech Republic”, says Peter Noack, CEO of Zeitgeist Asset Management. „That is why I’m so glad to have the direct support of the key expert in the field. Max, welcome on board!” 

"Under the Zeitgeist umbrella, my goal will be to build a block of understanding between the main market players: developers, cities, investors and banks – so that for all parties involved, PRS and PBSA transactions become something necessary and natural," says Maximilian Mendel.