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The metamorphosis of the Marynarska Business Park office complex implemented in Warsaw’s Służewiec district by PineBridge Benson Elliot and Syrena Real Estate is nearing completion. Work has been finalised on the outdoor area, replacing a 6,000 sqm concrete car park with a green park open to the city, covered with green hills. The project is changing its name to Diuna.

The metamorphosis of the office complex at Taśmowa Street is an initiative of PineBridge Benson Elliot and Syrena Real Estate. The original modernisation programme covers three areas: the outdoor space and surroundings of the buildings, the entrance lobbies of the four office buildings, and improvements to the ventilation, heat and air-conditioning systems, enabling a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of the project.

An energy audit carried out prior to the modernisation process resulted in the introduction of a number of solutions to improve the operation of building systems, e.g., CO2-dependent ventilation control, installation of VAV ventilation systems, airflow control, and replacement of cooling units to achieve up to 22% energy savings according to models developed by JW+A. In addition, a smart building control system based on artificial intelligence is being implemented, which will bring 11.6% savings in energy used by HVAC systems according to a model developed by the contractor of the programme owner - Foobot. Water consumption has been reduced by regulating flows in fittings in common areas, a leak detection and prevention system has been introduced, and a rainwater tank has been installed. The project has placed great emphasis on applying principles of circular economy. All the greenery from the original square has been distributed to the tenants, some of the materials have already been re-used in the project, the remaining elements are waiting for a second life in storage.

“Diuna is changing the business image of Służewiec and setting a new direction that office buildings must follow to remain an attractive space for investors, tenants, and the local community. The new name of our project is the symbolic start of the next sustainable stage in its life. The most important work has been completed, including the creation of a new, open-access park, which is a showpiece of the complex,” said Witold Zatoński, the founder of Syrena Real Estate.

Architecture studio MJZ has designed the project’s new look. The concrete patio has been transformed into a park, filled with trees and native vegetation. In order to create a coherent and friendly environment, the park sits on a rise-an-fall terrain covered with vegetation. The hills were constructed with lightweight materials so as not to disrupt the underground structure. The foundation slab of the underground garage is supported by 50 columns, which serve as structures for 50 trees placed in special pots. The area now features green dunes, overgrown with 12 species of trees (50 trees) and 96 types of shrubs. This is native greenery that is important for sustainable projects.

“The Diuna patio has been designed according to the concept of biophilic design, which provides that humans have an innate tendency to seek a connection with nature and a sense of belonging to the natural world. The hills and the alleys between them create cosy spaces filled with vegetation, where you can calm down and get away from everyday life. You can stroll, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee between our green dunes. We believe that mental health is as important for tenants and their employees as physical health, which is why we have prioritised greenery and nature supporting human well-being,” said Maciej Jakub Zawadzki of MJZ Studio.

The Diuna courtyard has been landscaped with a flower meadow and features a stream and an educational open pavilion with a roof covered with extensive vegetation enabling water retention. The complex is screened from traffic by anti-smog screens totalling 416 sqm. The patio is pedestrian and biker friendly. The former entrance area on the side of Taśmowa Street has been turned into a woonerf and car traffic is banned across the area, only short-term stops are possible. Diuna also offers a new infrastructure dedicated to cyclists, who can use 114 parking spaces on the underground level, a changing room with showers, four chargers for electric bicycles, self-repair stations, and ground-level racks. Car parking is located in the three-level underground garage which offers 1,300 spaces for tenants and guests of the complex.

The four building lobbies have also undergone a transition, with huge artistic sculptures as a common feature. They offer modern work and meeting spaces. Tenants can use a new 250 sqm conference centre, including four meeting rooms, a room for parents with children, and a kitchen. Artworks by Polish and foreign artists are being displayed in the interiors. Łoskiewicz Studio has developed the complex’s interiors and new visual identity.

Completion of all work at Diuna is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. Work is still underway on the outdoor areas located behind the buildings of the complex. The Reesco Group is responsible for the redevelopment and the cmT Group for project management.

Diuna (formerly Marynarska Business Park) comprises four office buildings with a total usable area of 46,000 sqm. Its corporate tenants include Accord, NewCold, Colgate, Daikin Europe, Eurocash, Ford, JDE, Oceanic, S.C Johnson, Sitel, Business Lease, Leasing Team, and WDX. The complex houses a Luxmed clinic and a Gorąco Polecam café. The complex has a WELL Health & Safety Rating and WIREDSCORE certification at the Silver level. Following the refurbishment, Diuna will apply for Breeam In-Use certification under the new v6 system. A team of experts from JW+A are advising on the project’s certification process. The developer is also working with the Integration Foundation to make the investment as suitable as possible for people with disabilities.