News Article Logicor logistics Martex Poland warehouse
by Property Forum | Industrial

Logicor has signed a leasing agreement with Martex, a Polish distributor of truck spare parts, for a c. 45,000 sqm standalone warehouse at Logicor Będzin.

Martex, established in 1992, is the sole company in Poland involved in the distribution of truck parts and is a shareholder of the international purchasing group Temot International (a global network of Spare Parts Distributors operating in the Automotive Aftermarket). Martex, headquartered in Upper Silesia, operates 42 sales branches across Poland. By relocating to Będzin, Martex will have the opportunity to consolidate its logistics operations into one central warehouse, enabling faster response for customer orders.

"We've been looking for the perfect location, and we found one in Logicor Będzin – a standalone property surrounded by a large lot with huge opportunities regarding parking and storage space. What's even more important – it's close to our present location, meaning we can keep the current employees", said Andrzej Parzoch, Vice President at Martex.

"We work in close partnership with our customers and continually improve our assets to meet their requirements. For Martex we’ve upgraded sprinkler, ventilation and air condition systems. We also modernized the office space and introduced up-to-date fire protection systems. Logicor Będzin is located in the Upper Silesian Industrial District area, 13 km from Katowice on the border with Sosnowiec. It benefits from excellent connections to the express route S86 (Katowice-Sosnowiec) that joins the A4 motorway / European route E40 (Wrocław-Katowice-Kraków) and is situated just 30 km from the international Katowice- Pyrzowice Airport", commented Piotr Brycki, Senior Asset Manager at Logicor.