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Panattoni is to provide 133,000 sqm for LPP, the biggest fashion group in the CEE region. As much as 69,000 sqm of this will be built in Panattoni Park Rzeszów North, the construction of which is to complete at the end of Q3 2022. The new investment will be capable of processing up to 100,000 orders per day and storing more than 7 million assorted items. It will support online sales in markets such as Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine. Panattoni Park Rzeszów North will eventually comprise two buildings with a total area of 83,500 sqm. 

Panattoni is once again building a fulfilment centre for LPP – the largest fashion retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. In the next few months, the developer will be completing a 64,000 sqm project in Gdańsk, and in the third quarter of the year will deliver another 69,000 sqm. The location this time, in Poland’s Subcarpathian region, fits in with the growth strategy for LPP’s logistics network, by enabling it to service neighbouring markets, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary, more effectively, and – in times of greater demand – also Poland. 

The space developed by Panattoni will contain, among other features, specially designed IT systems to support omnichannel activities and enable the consolidation of goods from stationery stores and warehouses. The premises will also be prepared for an automatic conveyors system in the packing zone, over an area of ​​almost 5,000 sqm. This will be connected to a shipping sorter, which will be able to efficiently divide the goods into the specific regions that are destined for at a rate of several thousand parcels per hour. The new space will enable the fulfilment of up to 100,000 orders per day and the storage of over 7 million assorted items.

“After completing the project in Rzeszów, the space provided by us to LPP will exceed 170,000 sqm across the country. The development of this facility by Panattoni will once again be the key to our further international expansion, but it will also be a platform for the development of innovative customer service solutions. As we have always believed, our flexibility has no limits and new challenges will only drive us forward,” says Martyna Sochaczewska, Senior Leasing Manager from Panattoni, who adds: “Establishing a base for LPP in the Subcarpathian region is also an important step for the development of the province, where there has been very little modern industrial space up until now. Panattoni identified the potential of the region as far back as 2015 and has been expanding its portfolio there since then, fuelling interest in a region that, thanks to its location, is ideal for both domestic and international operations.”

The facility will be located close to a major junction of the A4 motorway, which provides connections with Wrocław, Kraków and Katowice while also connecting Poland’s south-eastern the south-western borders. In addition, the complex will be situated just off national road 19, which leads into Slovakia, and only 1 km from Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport.

“The Subcarpathian province is a region known for the high quality of its engineering. Taken together with LPP’s ever-growing IT research and development as well as the logistics automation and e-commerce requirements, the choice of the Rzeszów region is clearly an excellent one. The decision to open this new facility is also a response to the constantly growing demand for our brands' products. Despite the measures recently taken to improve our logistics network, such as the expansion of a fulfilment centre in Romania and separating the return warehouse from the new facility under development in Pruszcz Gdański, we can still see the growth potential of this area of our operations,” comments Sebastian Sołtys, LPP’s logistics director.

Panattoni Park Rzeszów North will eventually consist of two class A buildings with a total area of ​​83,500 sqm. The complex will be suitable for both warehouse and logistics processes as well as light production.