News Article Bucharest Bucharest I Logistics Park Mogosoaia Dr.Max Logicor Mihai Diaconescu Romania
by Property Forum | Industrial

Industrial developer Logicor has expanded the e-commerce warehouse space in Bucharest I Logistics Park Mogosoaia for pharmacy chain Dr.Max to around 16,000 sqm.  

The project has in total around 150,000 sqm of warehouse space and has attracted tenants interested in doing in-city distribution and fast deliveries to the rest of the regional cities. 

“With pharmaceuticals storage needing to meet very high and particular standards, we are using Logicor’s international expertise to support the customer’s need to store drugs in optimal conditions,” said Mihai Diaconescu, Director Logicor Romania. 

At present, Logicor is looking to obtain a green certification for newly delivered warehouse spaces covering 23,000 sqm in the project based in northern Bucharest. 

Across Europe, Logicor’s portfolio totaled 594 properties with a leasable area of 13.4 million sqm at the end of 2022.