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by Property Forum | Industrial

LemonTree will build Booster Zabrze in cooperation with Commercecon. It will be business complex with offices and service and logistics space, with a total area of 111,000 sqm, as well as green and public spaces. The investment is to be built directly at the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (Silesian Central Motorway) and the intersection of the A1 and A4 motorways. 

As part of the Upper Silesian conurbation with a 2.7-million population, Zabrze is an important manufacturing centre supporting numerous industries. The city's location near the intersection of motorways, which are parts of the E75 and E40 European routes, provides good transportation links, connecting north to south and east to west Poland.

"This investment is not only another boost for the local economy but also creates a new area for the local community. The developer has presented an interesting project that fits into the modern image of Silesia, promoting innovation and sustainability. We hope that the development will attract more investors to our region, and will serve the residents of Zabrze for years to come," says Malgorzata Mańka-Szulik, the Mayor of Zabrze.

"This venture goes beyond the standard framework of similar developments. It's a space that combines high-tech solutions with environmental protection, but also creates perfect conditions for business, sports, or relaxation", comments Bartłomiej Krawiecki, CEO of LemonTree, "The project features low-emission materials, modern architecture inspired by nature, and green zones that harmonize with the character of the complex and the LemonTree brand strategy."

Every aspect of the Booster Zabrze project, from construction to operation, will use technologies that reduce negative environmental impacts. This ranges from the selection of materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint to many innovative utility solutions – the use of CEM2 cement with a reduced carbon footprint and photovoltaics to power buildings, and, as part of innovation and testing, the use of bio-panels with marine algae. 

"At Commercecon, we are socially responsible, not only when it comes to the approach to the process of construction, but also in all areas of our business. That's why I'm glad we are starting the new year as a general contractor for such an innovative but, above all, environmentally friendly development. In the implementation of Booster Zabrze, we are going to use a range of environmentally friendly materials and innovative technologies that will minimize the impact on nature and ensure the sustainability and energy efficiency of the entire complex", says Hubert Hoffman, CEO of Commercecon.

This is yet another investment by the developer in the Polish market, which last year commissioned developments in Mysłowice (51,500 sqm) and Wrocław (11,000 sqm). In Warsaw, an urban business park project in Targówek (32,000 sqm) is currently under construction, as well as an office and laboratory building (24,600 sqm) at Chopin Airport. At the same time, another building dedicated to tenants from the new technology sector (10,000 sqm.) is being built in Mysłowice. The construction of an urban project in Szczecin (about 30,000 sqm) is in the pipeline, as well as Booster Zabrze itself.