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LCP Properties has completed the first phase of its ESG strategy aimed at making electric car charging stations widely available on its properties. Thanks to the signed agreement with Pure City, a total of 80 such devices will be installed directly at M Parks. The first of these will be set up at the M Parks currently under construction in Reda, Iława and Łochów. 

Charging stations from Pure City are the EVB Advert AC model, free-standing, two-station, with a power of 22 kW each. They are also equipped with 55" LED screens on which information and advertisements are displayed.

"Electric chargers are a very important topic for us and another step in the broad spectrum of pro-environmental initiatives we are implementing at our properties. Given the size of LCP's portfolio spread across the country, we decided to divide this project between two operators. Today we are pleased to initiate cooperation with the first of them - Pure City", commented Magdalena Kowalewska, COO, LCP Properties in Poland. "The theme of chargers is LCP's nod to our customers, the growing number of electric cars on our streets and an example of spreading good practices. Our goal is to provide a total of nearly 400 charging stations within LCP's portfolio in Poland," she concluded.

"We are pleased to work with LCP Properties to create a new quality in customer service and develop good pro-environmental practices. PureCity's green eco-electrostats provide an opportunity for companies, local governments and institutions to carry out communication and promotional activities on digital outdoor advertising (digital OOH) screens in the ESG area while providing a real benefit to consumers by enabling them to charge their electric cars with green, certified electricity. Our eco-stylings, unique on the market, serve not only electric car drivers but all visitors to retail parks. The content displayed on them will include current information, advertisements and educational materials, making it easier for customers to read content that is important and interesting to them", commented Wojciech Bienkowski, CEO of Pure City.

The two-station nature of each device means that thanks to cooperation with Pure City, there will be a total of 160 car charging places in the parking lots adjacent to M Parks. The implementation of the project will start from three LCP locations where M Parks are currently being built, i.e. in Reda, Łochów and Iława. In the case of other properties, where it will be possible to connect to an existing station, the time to complete and launch the chargers will take up to 8 months. If it is necessary to apply for new connection conditions, the implementation time will take up to 15 months.