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by Property Forum | Report

Konica Minolta IT Solutions has extended its popular software package for real estate and investment companies which was showcased at Prague Property Forum 2021. Customers using this package based on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, appreciate various smart features and the common base solution developed by Konica Minolta ITS, which ensures a smooth flow of information between all the departments. If you prefer, you can watch a short video overviewing the package or detailed videos for each module here.

IT Solutions by Konica Minolta ITS now support nearly every core process of real estate, development or investment business. Solutions are based on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies and cover nearly anything from the single process of SMEs up to the full ERP of the largest corporations.

The first module of this package, CRM for Developers, was released back in 2016 and except traditional CRM features like contact and activity management, it covers the whole structure of finished and planned buildings with detailed information about each building or space so it can generate the proposals automatically making the sales process much more efficient. CRM offers an add-on to control customer change requests, ensuring that all the requests are properly quoted in cooperation with the construction supplier and billed accordingly to the customer. 

The structure of buildings is the key link between all the departments using different modules of this package. The development process usually starts with Land Development, which is fully supported by a dedicated module that provides pre-defined project templates based on company best practices and allows managing short and long term project management tasks with smart notifications to avoid losing any project milestone. It also ensures seamless sharing of information about the building delivery between the development and sales departments. 

For those who keep the buildings as their property, the Investment and Asset module provides many features that make your life easier. The module helps you track all the information about your assets, their valuations, related loans and SPVs and many more to give you a clear report of your business at any time. If you have an asset, somebody must have invested in it. This module combines both views of that. So, you manage your assets, and you need to report to your investors or banks. It will be a great help for your daily routines. Alternatively, if you are an investor who manages various investments in real estate but also into other instruments, you can easily keep track of all the investments. On top of that, this module allows you to automate the communication between investors and developers.  

Gaining money is much more efficient using the Fund Raising module, which serves as a CRM enriched by detailed track of all investments, changes or redemptions done by your investors. Thanks to the solution's flexibility, it can easily be adapted to specific investment instruments which might offer. 

During several real estate or investment business stages, you need to handle complex agreements. This agenda, from preparing the contract documents with all the appendixes, managing the approval workflow and getting the physical or electronic signatures, is fully covered by the Contract Management module. 

Besides all that, Konica Minolta ITS also offers a robust solution for Project and Finance Management. The module is suitable for larger real estate or development companies who need to control every transaction in many projects across many countries automate the budgeting, controlling and accounting features tightly linked to project and asset management features. 

Konica Minolta ITS delivers all modules on a project basis which gives you the chance to adjust it according to your company processes or adjust your company processes according to the solution on a joint implementation project.