News Article Hungary kész group office Szeged
by Property Forum | Office

Hungarian developer and construction company Kész Group will build a 5,300 sqm office building in the heart of the important Southern city of Szeged. Lufthansa Systems Hungary has already secured space there. The handover is scheduled for Q2 2025.

Kész Group will transform a former school, sitting on a street corner, into a state-of-the-art office complex, called Tilia. A special walking area will be created alongside the building, connecting two neighbouring streets. This will allow to opening of several retail units, cafes and restaurants. One of the streets will be renovated.

Technical features will address all the latest environmental requirements. Kész intends to get BREEAm Excellent, Well Platina and Access4you Gold certifications. Lufthansa Systems Hungary has decided to open an office in the building, Newmark VLK Hungary assisted in the deal as a tenant representative.