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by Property Forum | Industrial

The 143,000 sqm logistics facility of the Danish furniture retailer will serve more than 200 retail units in Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. Online sales will be managed also from this centre. The complex was built by the Hungarian construction company Market Group.

The Scandinavian firm spent €200 million to build this huge complex in the village of Ecser which is near Budapest and the main international airport of Hungary.

Approximately 150 trucks are expected to roll into the centre every week, a number that doubles in a few months. The fully automated towers have accommodated 13 thousand of pallets, but they were designed to withstand more than 200 thousand. 

The facility also includes 189 delivery ramps, as well as an office building on a 560,000 sqm plot. There is enough space on the plot to build two more high-bay warehouses, which could double the storage capacity.

So far, 200 jobs have been created, but by spring 2023 this number will be at 300, and the final number could reach 500 people.