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H2 Energy, a subsidiary of Westa Investments, has signed an agreement with JLL. The contract covers advisory support regarding investment located in Poland’s Lubuskie province. The investor plans to build one of the largest Hydrogen Valleys in Europe, which will be based on large-scale wind and photovoltaic farms. The role of JLL's experts in the project will be to obtain a partner interested in jointly developing the hydrogen hub with H2 Energy.

Westa Investments Group plans to enter the field of green hydrogen production, which will represent the group’s largest investment in Poland, through its subsidiary H2 Energy. The company is set to create a 1,500-hectare hydrogen hub for hydrogen production and distribution in the municipality of Górzyca, in the Lubuskie voivodeship. A key factor in the location being selected is that the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline and railroad line No. 273, part of the Trans-European Transport Network, passes through this area.

"The H2 Energy project is entering a key stage of preparation for implementation. We have made the decision to cooperate in securing a partner with one of the world's leading consulting firms, Jones Lang LaSalle. We are convinced that this cooperation will be fruitful and beneficial for both parties, with H2 Energy gaining a partner with whom it will realize this project in the nearest future", says Artur Paluch, President of the Management Board of H2 Energy

In the future, H2 Energy plans to distribute green hydrogen, produced in the Lubuskie region, across Europe by pipeline, rail, tankers and barges. The company will build a large intermodal terminal for these purposes. Both the proximity to the German border and the variety of distribution channels will facilitate the transfer of hydrogen and raise the project’s international profile.

Due to the large-scale of the investment, H2 Energy is currently seeking a partner interested in jointly developing this project. JLL's Energy & Infrastructure Advisory team will provide support in this regard. "We look forward to applying our renewable energy expertise and transactional experience in the sector to such a large and important energy transition project. We believe green hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize the world's economies in the future, providing them with a sustainable and secure source of energy necessary for decarbonization", says Rafal Skowronski, Senior Director, heading the Energy & Infrastructure Advisory Team in Poland.

The investment is at the stage of obtaining the required administrative permits. The project is expected to be ready for implementation in 2024, and the first deliveries of green hydrogen produced at H2 Energy's hydrogen hub may take place in 2026 - 2027. The investment is in line with the Polish Hydrogen Strategy, whose aim is to create and develop a Polish hydrogen industry in order to achieve climate neutrality and maintain the competitiveness of the Polish economy