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JLL introduced a new workplace consulting service in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the planning and quality of the work environment. In the cooperation with the activities in CEE and EMEA regions, Lucie Malá will be in charge of the workplace strategy with the support of the research, project management and design departments. By integrating this service, JLL will expand its portfolio and meet the needs of clients in the right setting of the work environment. New service based on real-world experience and analysis will help clients with the effectivity of their offices.

JLL has further expanded its range of workplace strategy services by combining technology and data analysis with individual strategic consulting. JLL provides clients with sophisticated advice on how to properly set up the work environment and create spatially, economically and socially efficient workplaces that support employees and business strategy.
„We want to provide our clients with added value and show them benefits of the most recent market trends. That is why we have expanded our services to provide complex consultancy in the efficiency of the work environment. Thanks to our expert advice, clients are increasingly aware that it is not only about securing work desk for employees but that they need to create an environment that will enable them to achieve their ambitions,“ said Miroslav Barnáš, CEO JLL in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Miroslav Barnas

Miroslav Barnas

CEO for Czech Republic & Slovakia

Miroslav is a real estate professional with over ten year experience with commercial and residential properties. His main focus is advising tenants and landlords, sellers and buyers on the leasing, acquisition, disposals and development of commercial and residential space in the CEE region. For the past 10 years he was also responsible for development, management and driving forward the business of JLL in Slovakia. In January 2017, Miroslav was appointed to lead JLL´s business in the Czech Republic alongside his existing responsibilities as country manager for JLL Slovakia. Today he oversees the team of more than 110 real estate professionals in both the Czech and Slovak republics. Besides the managing responsibilities he heads the Capital Market team - the most experienced Capital Market team in the Slovak and the Czech market. He is responsible for ensuring that a best practice, client care, proactive communication and appropriate technical knowledge is provided by all team members. By market he is perceived as an ambassador of ethical approach and transparent dealing. Miroslav is a qualified surveyor and member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.  More »
Lucie Malá, who is in charge of this new service in the Prague office, has graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and has 6 years of experience in designing and planning office interiors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Up until now, she has been focusing primarily on project management and business development in JLL. „The office is no longer just a space for work, it increasingly functions as a community-building platform. The interior now becomes a tool of communication and collaboration. Thanks to Workplace consulting, we will help our clients analyze and design their internal layout to suit the needs of employees and the company's future strategy.,“ said Lucie Malá.