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by Property Forum | Office

International Workplace Group (IWG), the provider of hybrid work solutions, has announced the opening of two flexible workspaces in Budapest and Miskolc under the Regus brand.

Opening early 2025 in northern Budapest, Regus Madarász will offer co-working spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and creative spaces. Slated for opening in the same period, Regus Miskolc – in the centre of one of country’s biggest cities – will provide the working community of north-east Hungary with a high-quality flexible workspace.

The new offices will provide space for established firms and start-ups across a range of industries.

“As important business hubs both Budapest and Miskolc are fantastic places for us to boost our expansion plans. The need for high-quality flexible workspaces continues to soar as hybrid working becomes the new normal. We are very pleased to work in partnership with Proform Ingatlanbefektetési Zrt. in Budapest - our third partnership agreement with this company - and Nemzetközi Befektetési Holding Kft. in Miskolc to develop the Regus brand under management agreements that will add a cutting-edge workspace to their building,” said Mark Dixon, CEO & Founder of IWG.

Globally, IWG is present in over 4,000 locations across more than 120 countries.