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by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian developer Iulius has signed a partnership with IFC, a World Bank member, in a move designed to create a decarbonation strategy for the whole property portfolio with a target to reach net zero on carbon emissions. 

The strategy will be based on IFC’s Green Pathways for Real Estate Institutional Portfolios (GRIP) platform. 

Iulius already has obtained green building certifications for its entire portfolio of office, retail and mixed-use schemes in Romania. 

“The company has already gone through a complex process of implementing high standards of energy efficiency, sustainable management of green spaces, outdoor surfaces and waste, as well as other sustainable solutions, confirmed by LEED certifications. However, we want to contribute even more to maintaining a healthy environment by reducing the carbon footprint in all eight of our projects," said Dan Adrian Chelaru, Iulius’ Group Sustainability Officer. 

Last year, Iulius was the first Romanian developer that got a green loan of €72 million from the IFC for office complex Palas Campus in Iași. The project is the process of obtaining both EDGE and LEED certifications.