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by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian developer Iulius has installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of all eight properties in its portfolio as part of an investment that totaled more than €3.5 million that will help the company save up to 10% of the total energy consumed across the group. 

The panels cover an area of 26,000 sqm and are operational in two mixed-use projects, three shopping malls, as well as in Palas Campus Iași office building and the Family Market retail projects from Iași region. 

”By means of this project, which we estimate will generate upwards of 5,500 MWh per year, we manage to cut 1,500 tons of CO2/year, which would otherwise result from conventional sources. To better understand the impact, the same effect would be achieved by a mature forest with more than 20,000 trees. This project helps us achieve multiple objectives: environmental protection and better control of energy costs, which is very important in the current context,” said Robert Ghercă, Chief Technical Manager of Iulius. 

The investment is part of Iulius’ wider efforts to achieve net-zero emissions across its entire portfolio.