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by Property Forum | Report

On 6 November 2018, Property Technology Forum Europe 2018, a conference and networking event for the proptech industry and real estate professionals from all over Europe will be held in Warsaw. Nearly 200 guests will come together in the Polish capital to discuss the future of the real estate industry and to explore the latest innovations in the profession. The mission of the event is to create a common ground for true collaboration between proptech startups, property professionals and occupiers.

The event is organised by the Property Forum media and event platform in close cooperation with RICS. The conference has already attracted renowned speakers from all over the continent and the list of speakers continues to grow.
This conference is centred on the topic of technology. Innovation is reshaping the property industry which is why Property Technology Forum Europe 2018 aims to prepare guests for future changes by analysing current trends during the panel discussions of the day and by gathering speakers to share their vision for the next phase of the profession. Individual discussions will be dedicated to all market segments, including office, retail and industrial. During the final section of the day, proptech startups will present themselves.
The event’s keywords are: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart real estate search, full automatic localisation, sensor-based analytics and engagement platform, 3D solutions, innovations in workplace solutions, changing occupier needs, e-commerce, robotics, industry 4.0.
Is the European property sector ready for a digital transformation? Are developers ready to build the digital workplace of tomorrow? Can apps replace real estate professionals? These are just some of the most interesting questions that will be answered at Property Technology Forum Europe 2018.