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IREP and West Properties have joined forces in a partnership to provide full real estate services for Serbia and the wider Balkans region. In a strategic move that will be announced at MIPIM in Cannes, France, the two companies will combine key services, knowledge and experience to offer a comprehensive and dynamic range of services currently not available in this region.

IREP began in 2017, with representation in eight countries and a turnover of $7 million. In less than five years they’ve grown into a boutique global facilities management company, with a presence in 49 countries and a nine-figure turnover. In addition to facilities management they also offer a broad portfolio of services including; property, energy, and asset management, commercial real estate and sustainable solutions.

Formed in 2003, West Properties is a Serbian real estate service provider widely recognized by domestic and international clients for their custom made support, brokerage and consultation services on residential and commercial properties.

Each company brings their own strengths and connections to the table. IREP has an international footprint and connections in both brokerage and facilities management. West Properties offer valuable access to the Serbian and Balkan markets. Both companies will operate under their own branding with regards to their relevant services before launching a new master brand once fully established in the region.