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Poland has one of the most attractive tax systems for innovators in Europe. According to the JLL report 'Made in Poland', a comprehensive guide for investors prepared in cooperation with partners: Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Hays and ALTO, when doing business in Poland, companies have many opportunities to obtain financial support from both domestic and EU sources. Reliefs and subsidies translate into increased interest in the Polish market. Last year was a record year in terms of investment, with projects in Poland with a total value exceeding €3.5 billion implemented with the participation of PAIH. This is €800 million more than last year and €700 million more than in the record year so far in 2019.

  • In addition to tax incentives, government grants are also provided to investors, offered for the implementation of the most strategic projects with significant investment and a certain level of new employment. Companies can benefit from a CIT exemption under the nationwide Polish Investment Zone (PIZ) programme, the successor to the highly regarded Special Economic Zones. As of 2018, the tax exemption is available in every location in Poland, including large agglomerations.
  • An asset of the Polish market is also the progressive digitalisation of legal and tax issues. Over the past few years, regulations for doing business in Poland have changed significantly as the digitalisation of interactions with the public administration has become a major trend. Most of the new regulations are the result of the need to take EU law into account.
  • Comparing the current year to the same period last year, even more projects with foreign capital are currently underway. There are currently 214 active investment projects with a total value of €11,557.05 million, and the declared employment in connection with the planned investments could be as high as 63,041 people over the next few years.
  • In terms of capital, South Korea turned out to be the largest investor, investing €1.9 billion in Poland and creating 1,967 jobs.
  • A challenge for entrepreneurs investing in Poland may be the lack of certainty and predictability regarding possible changes in legal and tax regulations.