News Article Bratislava residential Slovakia
by Property Forum | Residential

The mixed-use complex Lake Station in Nové Mesto in Bratislava by Intrade Asset Management has managed the EIA process extremely quickly, reports Dominant towers are planned on the former brownfield near the railway station.

The original plan from 2010 included an office tower, apartment buildings and a smaller shopping centre. In the recent period, however, the project has been significantly redesigned and today it is known under the name Lake Station. The new concept includes housing, shops and services, temporary accommodation and parking. The two dominant 103,7-meter high towers are designed as a hotel with integrated housing. About 160 apartments and 640 non-residential premises should be created.

Part of the base will be a parking area with 563 spaces. The second part of the project remains unchanged as a multi-level parking garage with 153 spaces.

The original project underwent an environmental impact assessment (EIA)  in 2011. However, as the project underwent significant changes, it had to be assessed again. The new evaluation took only 2 months. Once the decision is valid, the project can proceed to the permitting process. The notice of change is usually evaluated faster than a completely new intention. The renewed project did not encounter opposition from part of the public, as is the case with many Bratislava projects. The concerned authorities did not have fundamental reservations either.

The investor hopes to obtain a building permit this summer and expects construction to begin in Q1 2025. The duration of construction is three years. The costs are estimated at €56 million.