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A second building is under construction at the Páty industrial park right after the handover of the first facility. This time Inpark develops a built-to-suit, energy efficient warehouse to leading electronics retailer Euronics, with a total budget exceeding €8 million (HUF 2.5 billion), to be delivered next spring.

The latest tenant of the national industrial park network is Hungarian-owned Vöröskő Kft., the exclusive representative of the Euronics brand in Hungary. They will serve their 68-unit national retail network from the new complex.
The tenant selected the site and the developer based on several factors, such as bigger and functionally well-separated storage spaces, risk-free management of seasonal changes in the market, the opportunity of flexible shift to new product ranges, as well as the simplified lease model that results in increased cost efficiency.
Hungarian state-owned NIPÜF launched the preparatory works of the new facility in September. Due to the tight deadline and the upcoming winter, construction has to be as quick as possible, with 100–120 workers on the site at peak time. The Class A building will include nearly 12,000 sqm of warehouse and 350 sqm of office space, with option to expand. Three different storage methods will be applied to meet the specific requirements of electronic goods: block stacking for heavy consumer durables, racks for palleted items, and special shelves for high-value products.
Approximately 80–135,000 items will be stored in the warehouse, with an estimated value of HUF 2.5–4 billion, therefore safety is a particular factor. Vöröskő Kft. and its logistics service provider will initially employ a staff of 60, which can be increased by 5–8 percent annually.
“This is the second warehouse that we develop in Páty. This reflects our ability to offer fast and flexible solutions to companies in diverse business sectors, from production and third party logistics to commerce. Currently, we are preparing several other development sites at strategic locations, and will carry out projects totaling hundreds of billions of forints until 2020. We also strive to contribute to the creation of smart cities. During the design process, we pursue intelligent, energy efficient solutions that serve sustainability and can help our customers increase their competitiveness. We put great emphasis on facilitating the introduction of new technologies in order to create jobs of high added value”, Zsombor Török, CEO of NIPÜF Zrt. said.
Inpark’s project in Páty is part of the largest industrial park development program in Central Europe to date, which comprises the construction of modern production and logistics facilities all over the country, with investments totaling hundreds of billions of forints.