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Indotek Group has appointed an International Sales Director to support the company's growing international presence. The position will be held by András Kovács, the company's current Sales Director, who will continue to oversee sales in Hungary. Under the appointment, the specialist will be responsible for international office (non-retail), warehouse and logistics real estate sales and leasing activities. The new position was necessitated by the dynamic growth of the company's international real estate portfolio and ambitious expansion plans.

An International Sales Director position has been created by the Indotek Group, justified by the size of its foreign real estate portfolio and its plans for further growth. The role will be filled by András Kovács, the company's current Sales Director. However, his new responsibilities will continue to include the supervision of sales activities in Hungary. Under the mandate, the professional will manage the sales and rental of non-retail (office), warehouse and logistics real estate both abroad and in Hungary. Indotek Group intends to acquire additional expertise for the operational tasks of the Hungarian sales area previously managed by the professional, thus supporting the work of András Kovács.

"Expansion abroad is a priority for Indotek Group, and in the future, we would like to focus even more on our international presence. This requires a highly structured and efficient sales activity. It is therefore essential that the implementation of the sales strategy is coordinated and concentrated on one hand. During his almost 7 years with our company, considering our domestic sales activities, András has proven his ability to develop and effectively operate a high-quality and efficient sales strategy. We are looking to leverage this existing knowledge and expertise by extending his role as Sales Director and implementing it into the operation of our overseas portfolio. I am convinced that thanks to András' expertise, Indotek's international expansion will be achieved at the highest level", added Dániel Jellinek, the company's founding CEO.

András Kovács has been with Indotek Group since 2016 and has a total of more than 2 decades of experience in the real estate industry. Previously, he spent 9 years in various areas of real estate sales at Tesco Hungary and was Regional Leasing Director of Orco Property Group for 4 years, and prior to joining Indotek, he managed his own businesses for 5 years.

The company is currently active in 12 countries outside Hungary: it has commercial, retail, and industrial properties as well as hotels for example in Italy, Romania, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, and Portugal.