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Impact Developer & Contractor has started the construction works of the fourth phase of the Greenfield Băneasa residential compound. This will include Impact's first commercial project, Greenfield Plaza, with 7,258 sqm of space for trade and services and 1,184 sqm of office space. The entire project has a value of €12 million and it will be built with RCTI Company s.r.l. with which Impact signed a contract worth €7.5 million. At the same time, Impact is also investing €500,000 in the green areas of its Luxuria Residence compound located in Bucharest’s Expoziției area.

Impact Developer & Contractor’s first commercial project

The authorized phase targets the largest community centre dedicated to a residential community and completes a budding mini-city. Sustainably designed and environmentally friendly, Greenfield Plaza, developed on an area of ​​21,496 square meters, includes 2 buildings over 200 parking spaces, will be completed in the second half of 2021. The entire project includes a strip mall, a wellness area with gym, spas, a tennis court, a semi-Olympic pool and an indoor and outdoor pool and its own office building.

The shopping centre will offer 6,730 sqm of leasable space and feature a Mega Image supermarket, a pharmacy, a restaurant, a pub, a bakery and premium services such as dry cleaning, hairdresser, beauty salon, playground, currency exchange, bank, travel agency.

All functions in the Greenfield community centre are aimed at both residents and the general public and aims to become an attraction for shopping, relaxation and leisure.

The Greenfield community centre will also host two public educational institutions, developed in a public-private partnership with the municipality of Sector 1, with a considerable capacity: 780 children in high school and 150 children in kindergarten. The land of 9,620 sqm worth €1.75 million has already been donated to the municipality. The City Hall of Sector 1 will start the construction works by the end of 2020. The deadline in operation is about to be communicated by the City Hall.

The community centre will also feature a modern STB terminal, from where buses connecting the Greenfield neighbourhood with Piaţa Presei Libere and the city centre will leave. The land necessary for the STB terminal, with an area of 1,400 sqm, is made available by Impact, with a loan agreement for an indefinite period and free of charge, to STB (Bucharest Transport Company). The value of the donation and of the entire project carried out by Impact amounts to €750,000.

Developed on an area of 60 hectares of land, embraced by 900 hectares of forest, the first 3 phases of the Greenfield residential compound in Băneasa with over 2,500 apartments have been delivered by 2019. Phases 4 and 5 are to be developed by the end of 2028. The neighbourhood will total more than 7,000 homes at the end of the works. Today, more than 6,000 people live in Greenfield, making up the largest urban community in Sector 1.

€500,000 investment in the green spaces of Luxuria Residence

The company is also investing €500,000 in the green areas included in Luxuria Residence, its first luxury residential compound located in Bucharest’s Expoziției area. The outdoor landscape project, developed by Iristyle, focused on the design of 9,650 sqm of green spaces, of which 2,500 sqm is dedicated to a private park.

Approximately 42% of the Luxuria Residence project’s 22,500 sqm surface is dedicated to green spaces which are designed to provide to its residents with a recreational setting while contributing to environmental protection. The unique landscape concept is meant to create visual harmony in the condominium regardless of the season, and it accommodates a 2,500 sqm park as well as Japanese gardens.

The completed private park includes stylish urban furniture, with a wonderful artesian fountain as its centrepiece, enhancing the exclusiveness of the project while bringing nature closer to residents and encouraging relaxation, networking, and the development of a community with a strong bond.

According to Vital Signs statistics, Bucharest has a green space index of 9.86 sqm/inhabitant, which is 12 times lower than Vienna (120 sqm/inhabitant). The benefits of nature on physical and mental health are well known, and recent studies have concluded that it takes at least 2 hours spent in nature each week to generate an improvement in the quality of life and physical and mental health.

Developed in line with Impact’s sustainability policy, Luxuria Residence is the first residential project in the country with BREEAM Excellent certification that will offer to the residents: reduced maintenance costs by up to 13%, reduced energy consumption by up to 50%, reduction of up to 39% in carbon emissions and water consumption and up to 70% less waste.