News Article BVB Constantin Sebeșanu Impact residential Romania shares
by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian Impact Developer & Contractor says it has increased by 50% the share capital, registered in the Central Depository, to 393.75 million lei (€79.8 million) and offered shareholders one free share for every two shares held. 

The company has issued 131,250,000 new shares and its total public share count reached 1,575,000,000. 

“The aim of this initiative is to generate a positive yield that meets our investors’ expectations. Also, by dividing the Impact stock, we wish to become more attractive also for small investors, who thus benefit from more flexibility in managing their held shares. The capital market remains the central axis of Impact and we are implementing the best practices in the relationship with our investors”, says Constantin Sebeșanu, CEO of Impact Developer & Contractor. 

Impact shares each have a value of 0.25 lei and the market capitalization of the firm was 834.75 million lei (around €169.2 million). 

Shares of Impact were trading at 0.54 lei on Friday afternoon trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). 

The developer is working on residential projects in Bucharest, Constanța and Iași.