News Article CA Immo Immofinanz investment sale share
by Import Sys | Investment

As part of the evaluation of strategic options in connection with the investment in CA Immo, Immofinanz is inviting national and international investors to indicate their interest in participating in a structured bidding process for a package acquisition of the CA Immo investment (25,690,163 bearer shares of CA Immo and 4 registered shares).

Immofinanz has previously indicated to evaluate strategic options in connection with the CA Immo investment, which also include the possible package sale of this investment together with the four registered shares (which carry the right to appoint members to the CA Immo supervisory board). Against this backdrop, Immofinanz is starting a structured bidding process and invites investors to express their interest by 30 April 2018.
Parties who are invited to the bidding process afterwards will receive further information on the procedures in accordance with the standard rules. The following notes to this announcement and in connection with the bidding process must be observed. Additional information on the time schedule is not yet available.