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by Property Forum | Office

Austrian property investor Immofinanz has opened its first coworking space in Bucharest, under the mycowork brand, the flexible office component of myhive. 

The mycowork unit was opened in myhive S-Park building and covers 465 sqm. The workplaces have a lease period of at least one month and users have access to facilities such as relaxation lounge, as well as focus rooms and conference spaces. 

“We are targeting a broad category of companies, in areas with strong growth dynamics", said Fulga Dinu, Country Manager Operations Immofinanz Romania. 

Immofinanz has developed this concept for the first time in Vienna during 2020 and was later expanded in Warsaw and Budapest. 

In Romania, the company will continue to extend the myhive concept in other portfolio buildings and will implement a flexible workspace for companies that have at least 20 employees. 

The local property portfolio of Immofinanz is valued at €777.7 million and has a share of 15.4% at group level.