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by Property Forum | Career

Commercial real estate group Immofinanz has extended the appointment of Radka Doehring to the Executive Board for a period of five years. The mandate will run through to April 2027, according to a decision of the company’s Supervisory Board.

Doehring has served as a member of the Immofinanz Executive Board since May 2022.

“Radka Doehring is a dynamic leader, who successfully keeps Immofinanz on course in this continuously changing real estate environment and consistently implements the corporate strategy,” says Miroslava Greštiaková, Chairwoman of the Immofinanz Supervisory Board. She added that the mandate extension shall ensure the Executive Board team being optimally positioned to secure sustainable business development in the coming years.

Immofinanz Group holds roughly 550 properties with a combined value of approximately €7.9 billion.