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by Vera Tumova | Office

Bratislava's downtown has a new tall building. The Mill, by developer Immocap, is nearing completion and recently took down the scaffolding to reveal the final form of the high-rise project, real estate website reports.

Immocap's latest high-rise business centre The Mill in Bratislava's downtown is nearing completion. Although the new high-rise building is not the tallest in the locality, its distinctive appearance now makes it a local landmark. The centre has been built near the intersection of Mlynské nivy and Plynárenská Street and close to other Immocap business centres such as BBC (Bratislava Business Center) III.-V. Originally, The Mill was supposed to be just another number in this series, but in the end, the developer decided on a separate name. The final form was designed by DKLN, which won the architectural competition. Final completion of the building is expected later this year. 

The current form of the tower, with 12 above-ground and 4 underground floors, is based on a contrast of white and black, i.e. a shell of aluminium panels that regularly alternate with the white colour of the facade and glass surfaces. The ground floor, on the other hand, uses fibreglass concrete to contrast with the aluminium and to highlight the first floor with its massive columns. A total of 25,700 sqm of lettable space has been created in the building, of which 1,500 sqm is for retail and services on the ground floor. There will be approximately 400 parking spaces on the four underground floors. The building is expected to have high environmental standards with LEED Gold certification.

Immocap has already announced that the project is almost entirely leased, with a significant portion of the 17,000 sqm already taken by a single subtenant. The project is expected to include a kindergarten for 100 children and high-quality infrastructure for cyclists, based on its request. The building will also house the developer of the project.