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Real estate group Duna House estimates the number of residential property deals completed in Hungary to have reached 13,511 in April 2021. Although this is a slight decrease compared to the pre-pandemic peak in the same month of 2019, overall it is still the third strongest April in the last ten years.

After a strong first-quarter surge, housing market activity normalised in April. Duna House's estimate of 13 511 transactions is fully in line with the expected market cyclicality, which experts say shows that there was no significant downturn after a strong start to the year.

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Compared to 2019, the number of transactions now shows a 5% decrease, with the market more than doubling in 2021 compared to the low point caused by the first wave of COVID-19 last April.

Duna House expects that both sellers and buyers will remain active in May and June, which should allow the residential real estate market to close the first half of the year with 75-80 thousand transactions.