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Duna House has released its monthly Transaction Estimate, showing that there were 14,548 residential property transactions in Hungary in March 2022. This is the fourth-highest monthly value of the past decade. 

Duna House estimates that the residential market remains on an ascending trajectory, as evidenced by the 14,548 sales in March. This represents a further increase of more than 5% compared to February, but a 7% decline compared to March 2021, the previous year's record.

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In total, 39,156 transactions took place in Hungary in the first quarter of 2022, the second strongest start to the year in the last decade, only 5% down on Q1 2021.

Based on the company's market experience, many people are bringing forward their property purchases due to the rise in lending rates and the fact that they are still certain to benefit from home purchase discounts. The number of sales is also boosted by strong investor activity, with many turning to the property market in this more uncertain and unpredictable economic environment.