News Article Antracit Czech Republic holding HSF System Industrial Ostrava
by Property Forum | Investment

The Ostrava-based construction company HSF System has formed a holding structure that includes a total of 26 companies. The new holding company, with sales exceeding CZK 3 billion (€122.2 million), is called Purposia Group. The main reasons for establishing the holding company are to increase efficiency and further expansion plans, HSF System announced. 

HSF System was established as a purely Czech company in 2002 with headquarters in Ostrava, specialising in roof and facade supplies. It later expanded its activities to general building supplies and in 2010 expanded its operations to Slovakia by establishing a subsidiary, HSF System SK. Thanks to its successful and continuous growth, it is now a company that can provide the entire life cycle of construction projects from design and development under the Antracit brand through construction to property management and maintenance within SK Facility. This year, the Group completed the acquisition of Prefa ONV, a manufacturer of prefabricated structures.

"There are several reasons why we decided to create a holding structure. We have grown significantly over the past few years and now have 26 companies in our portfolio. We have gradually reached the point where we need to make their management even more efficient. We want to take the path of smart management and take advantage of the synergies of holding. We also promise ourselves easier access to financing and cost savings from this step. In short, this decision made sense to us. And that inspired the name of the holding," summarized Jan Hasík, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Purposia Group.

The international HSF System Group achieved consolidated sales of CZK 2.6 billion (105.9 million) in 2022. The company has thus increased this indicator by more than 70 percent over the past five years. This year, it expects sales over three billion crowns (€122.2 million). In addition to the Czech Republic, the group also operates in Slovakia. However, it has also carried out construction projects in Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Denmark.

HSF System has completed several projects for private and public sector clients. These include a modern sports hall in Ostrava - Třebovice, Hornbach in Prešov, Nitra and Prague, the largest pharmaceutical warehouse in Prague Phoenix, a home for the elderly in Dačice, Ronald McDonald House on the premises of the Prague University Hospital in Motol, a primary school in Velen, a house of prayer in Sedlčany, a new Remoska plant in Kopřivnice, several stages of expansion of the Marlenka production plant, the Apex hall in Pohořelice, and the KVIFF multifunctional space. TV Park within the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Cargo Terminal in Mošnov near Leoš Janáček Airport. Currently, the Antracit development group is implementing a residential and office project called Polyfunctional House Václav in Ostrava.