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by Property Forum | Residential

Residential asking prices in Romania grew by 2.5% in May compared to April to an average of €1,751 per sqm, with Cluj-Napoca remaining the most expensive market in the country, according to the platform. 

In Bucharest, average asking prices were up 3.3% to €1,747 per sqm in May versus the previous month, while in Cluj-Napoca they rose by 2.2% to €2,465 per sqm in the same period. 

The residential market in Constanța recorded a slight growth of 0.6% of prices to €1,484 per sqm, while in Iași prices were up by 3% to €1,312 per sqm. 

“On the acquisition side, we have a 13% increase in demand, while rent interest is up 30%,” said Daniel Crainic, Marketing Director of 

Timișoara had a slight increase of 0.6% in prices to an average of €1,451 per sqm, while in Brașov the asking prices rose by 3.5% to €1,614 per sqm.