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List prices for residential properties in Romania rose by 3.4% in the last quarter of 2021 compared to the previous three months. 

After the increase registered strictly during the state of emergency, asking prices for the housing properties available for sale in Romania had a quarter of stabilization, followed by 15 months of unabated growth, according to classifieds platform 

“In last year’s third quarter, the annual growth margin in trading prices for the apartments and houses in Romania was significantly below the one recorded at European level,” according to report by 

More specifically, the most significant quarterly growth, respectively 5%, was registered by Cluj-Napoca, followed by Brașov, with a recorded price growth of 3.7%. The next places in the national classification of price increases are held by Iași (+2.9%), Brăila (+2.8%), Ploiești (+1.6%), Constanța (1.5%), Timișoara (+1.4%), Craiova (+1.2%), Galați(+0.8%), Bucharest (0.7%) and, respectively, Oradea (0.5%). 

Asking prices for homes in Cluj-Napoca were up 13.6% in the last 12 months to €2,060 per sqm, while in Bucharest they were up 11.7% to €1,640 per sqm.  

With regard to the rent asked per categories of apartments, Bucharest is, naturally, at the top of the major cities, with average values of €270 per month for studio apartments, €400 per month for two rooms and, respectively, €570 per month for three rooms.  

The country’s capital city is followed closely by Cluj-Napoca, where the owners still ask €270 per month for a one-room housing property, respectively €400 per month for two rooms, but €500 per month for three rooms. Of the nine major cities analyzed, the most affordable housing properties for rent can be found in Oradea, the average monthly prices being of €170 per month for a one-room housing property, €250 for two rooms and, respectively, €300 for three rooms.