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by Property Forum | Office

Skanska has obtained the WELL Core & Shell certification at the Gold level for Building C of the High5ive office complex located in Kraków. This is the first project in the city to be awarded such certification at the highest score.

The building managed by Colliers features innovative solutions such as proper temperature and acoustics as well as adequate access to natural lighting, fresh air and high-quality drinking water. The fifth building of Skanska’s project has also been designed with energy and water conservation in mind.

“Our complex serves as a contact point between the daily workplace and a green zone for relaxation and essential services,” says Marcin Pędrak, Project Director at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. “The entire office complex is based on efficient, pro-environmental and futureproof solutions and with its users’ health and well-being in mind,” he adds.

The certification covers 100 features of the building that influence its users’ health and well-being and improve their comfort of work.

For instance, the building provides water savings of 86% compared to a reference building from LEED Certification. Also, it uses up to 40 % less energy than reference buildings, also thanks to cooling beams. Furthermore, the ventilation system is designed to supply 30% more fresh air to the interior of the building.

The complex comprises five office buildings with a leasable area of around 70,000 sqm near the historical center of High5ive.