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by Property Forum | Residential

The third-largest provider of rental housing in Europe, Swedish company Heimstaden plans to almost double its investments into the refurbishment and expansion of its Czech portfolio.

Last year CZK 200 million was allocated to insulation, this year almost CZK 350 million will be. This is one of the key ways for Heimstaden to reduce energy consumption and CO2 production. “We are a company that pays a lot of attention to long-term sustainability and environmental protection. We factor it in everything we do. Last year alone we insulated 1,100 apartments, this year it will be more than 1,500,” says Heimstaden CEO Jan Rafaj, adding: “In 2020 we managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 1,750 tons per year, and this year we will reduce them by a total of 2,800 tons.” This corresponds to energy savings in insulated buildings of up to 35%.

One of the most important projects for 2020 is the complete reconstruction of buildings in Kunčičky, a previously neglected location. This year another 3 buildings with 26 apartments will be completed. The total investment in these buildings and the immediate vicinity will reach CZK 370 million and Kunčičky will offer 300 completely renovated apartments over the next 3 to 4 years.

Last year Heimstaden also started adding attics and lofts. In Ostrava-Poruba, 38 new apartments were built. The investment amounted to CZK 56 million. The attics/lofts installation project will continue in 2021.

In 2020, the revitalization of the common areas of the apartment buildings in Šumbark also began. They include a total of 39 entrances. Heimstaden will continue this year with an investment of CZK 31 million crowns. In addition, housing here is being adapted to the needs of seniors. The apartment building on Opletalova Street will be barrier-free, will have non-stop dispatching and security, and it will offer its residents a wide range of services. The investment is planned at CZK 44 million.

Furthermore, Heimstaden will continue major repairs this year. For example, it will spend CZK 76 million on roof reconstruction. Approximately CZK 94 million will be invested in heat, gas and utility connections.