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After 15 years in the Polish market, HB Reavis is changing its business profile. From the beginning of this year, it will be limiting its property development business by changing to HB Reavis Investments and remaining the property manager of Varso Place and Forest. CEO Sebastian Proć will be replaced in the management of the company by commercial director Cezary Błaszczyk.

"Ownership management enables us to work particularly closely with the users of our buildings and provide them with the best services. This is an important task in the context of the evolution of the working model and the role of the office. Our team, responsible for leasing, fit-out, day-to-day management and marketing of the property, ensures that being in Varso Place and Forest is a positive experience, supporting the country's leading employers in attracting teams back to the offices. I am convinced that the HB Reavis brand, so far known for delivering spectacular development projects, will also be synonymous with expert asset management, partnerships with tenants continuously improving the quality of our buildings and using all their assets for the benefit of our clients", comments Cezary Błaszczyk, Commercial Director at HB Reavis Investments.

Cezary Błaszczyk has more than 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. Before joining HB Reavis as Senior Leasing Manager in 2018, he was associated with GTC S.A.. Prior to that, he worked as an advisor in the commercial real estate department of WGN Real Estate. He graduated in law from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.

Sebastian Proć, outgoing CEO of HB Reavis Poland, has been involved in the real estate industry for almost 25 years. He has worked for the company since 2009 - from its inception in Poland, serving successively as development director, board member and president.