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by Property Forum | Industrial

GLP has begun construction of a new 38,000 sqm warehouse near the eastern border of Warsaw, close to the A2 motorway junction. The development will contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions through the implementation of heat pumps, enhanced insulation, and smart metering.

The warehouse, known as the GLP Warsaw VI Logistics Centre, is located on the main road connecting Eastern, Central, and Western Europe.

The roof designed to incorporate photovoltaic panels, will aim to reduce emissions further after the building is occupied, while the installed electric heat pump technology will provide greater efficiency than traditional gas radiators.

Magdalena Górska-Wojtas, Business Development Manager at GLP commented “Energy efficiency is one of the key considerations in all our discussions with clients on the operational costs of logistics buildings. The project will free building operations from any dependence on gas prices while moving us closer to our goal of developing zero-emission buildings.”

In terms of construction, GLP Warsaw VI Logistics Centre will utilise circular economy practices using materials with documented, reduced environmental impact, including recycled materials and, as far as possible, supplies from local vendors.

The construction of GLP Warsaw VI Logistics Centre, designed to meet the "Excellent" level of the BREEAM environmental certification, is set to be completed in the second half of 2024.