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by Property Forum | Office

Property investor Globalworth says all its 16 office buildings in Bucharest are using 100% green energy from renewable sources starting July 2021. 

The company also owns 22 office and office/retail buildings in Poland with a combined leasable area of over 600,000 sqm. Since the beginning of the year, all Polish properties use 100% green energy from renewable sources. 

“In this journey, investing in and creating high quality sustainable and environmentally friendly real estate spaces, in which people and business can flourish, is becoming a focal point of action by large organisations and the communities in which we are an integral part of,” said Stamatis Sapkas, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Globalworth. 

The executive added that the switch to green energy will reduce the company’s carbon footprint and contribute to limiting CO2 emissions. 

Globalworth’s portfolio totalled €3.1 billion as of June 30 in the Romanian and Polish markets.