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by Property Forum | Office

Globalworth has achieved the Access4you certification for its entire portfolio of almost half a million square meters consisting of 16 office buildings in Romania, becoming the first landlord to hold accessibility certification for wheelchair users, the elderly, people with limited mobility, and people with strollers. Colliers, the only Access4you partner for Romania, conducted the audits and completed the audit reports for Globalworth's entire building portfolio.

As accessibility is important not only in the life of people with disabilities, but it can also affect anyone who is temporarily or permanently limited in any of their abilities, building owners and tenants increasingly see the need to provide barrier-free access to their spaces for all employees, visitors and clients. Following on-site assessment, Globalworth's entire portfolio of office buildings was qualified to Certified Building level, with most of the buildings being accessible for wheelchair users, the elderly and people with reduced mobility, and people with strollers.

“People with special needs are unable to use a building or commercial premises if they are not accessible or if there’s no reliable information on its status. This recognition provides an extra assurance that Globalworth is focused on developing and increasing the level of comfort in its projects and that it prioritizes the health, safety and well-being of people who work or visit Globalworth properties. Also shows a commitment to social integration and equal opportunities”, says arch. Tamara Dogariu, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Colliers and the only accredited Access4you auditor in Romania.

The Globalworth buildings that received the Access4you certification are BOB, BOC, City Offices, Gara Herastrau, Globalworth Campus A, Globalworth Campus B, Globalworth Campus C, Globalworth Square, Globalworth Tower, Green Court A, Green Court B, Green Court C, Renault Bucharest Connected, Tower Center International, Unicredit HQ, and Globalworth Plaza.