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by Property Forum | Industrial

Globalworth, the developer of office and industrial projects in Romania, has completed a solar plant installation on the rooftop of its Industrial Park West in Oradea.

The new installation comprises more than 700 photovoltaic panels with a power capacity of 297kWp. The warehouse powered by clean energy is occupied by iwis mobility systems. 4ENVIGO worked with Globalworth on the PV installation project in Oradea. 

“By integrating these renewable energy sources into our properties, we are not only reducing operating costs for tenants in our business community but also significantly decreasing our portfolio's carbon footprint. We have set a goal to achieve a 40% reduction by 2030, using 2019 as a baseline, and to achieve that we are planning to gear up many more of our assets with solar panels in the coming period,” said Marian Popa, Managing Director at Globalworth Romania. 

Alongside the solar plants operational at two office projects in Bucharest, Globalworth existing PV installations in the country have a combined power of 834 kWp.