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Garbe Green Park Piestany in Western Slovakia is on course. The first 4,700 sqm hall is fully leased. The second hall, which will have a final area of 18,000 sqm, is just starting to be built. It should be ready early next year. The news was announced today by the developer.

Logistics and industrial real estate specialist Garbe signed a lease agreement with Naut Group SK. This specialist of outsourcing services, warehousing and logistics will lease 4,700 sqm in the speculatively developed hall in Garbe Green Park Piešťany (located in western Slovakia, in the Trnava region 80 km from Bratislava). Garbe Green Park Piešťany has also launched the development of its second building with 18,000 sqm that should be completed by the beginning of 2023. It too will follow the highest quality standards, including gas autonomy. The industrial space is developed speculatively based on high demand in the region and the quick lease of the first hall.

“The speculative development was very successful so we’ve decided to continue with the park’s development and add 18,000 sqm. Customer demand is very high thanks to the great location. Garbe Green Park Piešťany is the only plot with permission to deliver industrial real estate within the zoning plan,” said Martin Stratov, Business Development Director Garbe for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Garbe buildings will be equipped with heat pumps, which make the park’s carbon footprint neutral, and it does not use gas for its operations. It includes photovoltaic panels, water from a well on site, and the circular water system ensures it’s recycled. The development will preserve the surrounding environment and in addition, a new place for bee hives will be designed.