News Article CBRE Garbe industrial lease Slovakia
by Property Forum | Industrial

Garbe Industrial Real Estate CEE has signed a lease agreement comprising 18,000 sqm with GPV, an electronics manufacturing services partner. GPV will occupy the entire building in the Garbe Green Park Piešťany. The building is currently under construction and will be finished this month. Adjustments related to the customer’s operation will be completed by the end of the year. This park that is located 80 kilometres from Bratislava will be fully let and developed.

GPV decided to move forward with the new space in Slovakia´s Garbe Green Park Piešťany because of the strategically well-situated location and due to increased customer demands for best-cost Europe. Furthermore, the building offers unique, sustainable solutions. Park operations are carbon neutral and independent from the gas supply. The facility is equipped with heat pumps and features photovoltaic panels. There is an onsite well for the circular water system and water recycling. GPV plans to include new offices, warehousing, electronics manufacturing and box-building products for its new building. Manufacturing processes include SMT, THT, wave- and selective soldering, coating of PCBAs, assembly and testing, and packaging and shipping processes. 

Garbe Green Park Piešťany comprises two buildings with a total of 28,000 sqm. “In three years, we managed to find and acquire the plot, propose a unique green project, obtain all necessary permissions for our innovative solutions, develop it and fully let the space. From the beginning, implementing sustainable solutions has received very positive feedback and high customer demand. We would like to continue with similar steps and ideas to make our properties more attractive for tenants as well as better for the environment,” commented the lease agreement Martin Stratov, Business Development Director Garbe for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Our long-term business strategy includes a strong focus on our values, such as sustainability and a modern and pleasant working environment for our people. In Garbe Green Park Piešťany, we’ll develop a production and warehouse centre with more than 300 employees. The Garbe team did great work in selecting the perfect location offering high-quality and sustainable industrial space,” said Martin Kjærbo, EVP Operations GPV. Andrej Jančovič, Associate Director CBRE, commented: “Garbe Green Park Piešťany is a unique combination of good location and high-quality industrial space. The location is specific, and there is minimal available space on the market today. This is why we could easily lease the building before its completion. Speculative development was a very successful and strategic move in this case,” added Andrej Jančovič from CBRE which negotiated the transaction.

Garbe Green Park Piešťany is located 300 metres from the highway exit to Piešťany, 80 kilometres from Bratislava, and 110 kilometres from Žilina.