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Developer Garbe Industrial Real Estate CEE has completed the construction of the first building of its industrial park in Piešťany, Slovakia. The new development is in line with the company’s sustainable philosophy and the hall's roof features photovoltaic panels, which will be the primary renewable energy source.

Garbe Industrial Real Estate CEE completed the first building in Garbe Green Park Piešťany. The development features photovoltaic panels. Park operations are carbon neutral and independent of the gas supply. The facility is equipped with heat pumps and a circular water system using an onsite well and water recycling.

“Garbe Green Park Piešťany is a big commitment towards our green solutions. Now, we have successfully managed to fulfil it. From the beginning, this project was very ambitious. These types of comprehensive sustainable solutions haven’t been implemented on this market before,” said Martin Polák, Managing Director for the CEE region at Garbe. “If you set your goals high, you’ll need to overcome various legislative restrictions, tackle technical issues, as well as higher costs. Installing photovoltaic panels on the park’s roof was the last step in our journey toward completing all our objectives. I am happy we did it. Now, we plan to continue delivering these solutions across all our projects. This is not only to increase our ESG points but, more importantly, to set new market standards. For me, this is directly linked to how we handle our surroundings and our environment.”

Garbe is delivering a second building speculatively on the plot comprising 18,000 sqm. This hall will also fulfil defined sustainable criteria, including photovoltaic panels placed on its roof. The park will preserve the surrounding environment, including trees and grass, and will incorporate bee hives. The building materials and equipment were selected to have a low environmental impact.

Garbe Green Park Piešťany is located 300 metres from the highway exit to Piešťany, 80 kilometres from Bratislava and 110 kilometres from Žilina. This ensures easy access to other markets in CEE and beyond. A public transport bus stop is located right next to the park.