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Frontier Park Wrocław is a warehouse park, ultimately covering approx. 9,300 sqm of flexible warehouse and production space with adjacent office parts. Twelve Small Business Units with an area of 300 sqm are currently under construction on a 2-hectare plot in Bielany Wrocławskie.

Bielany Wrocławskie, located 9 km south of the center of Wrocław, is one of the largest commercial and industrial zones in Poland. The plot of Frontier Park Wrocław is located in the immediate vicinity of the A4 motorway, leading to the border with Germany 150 km west, and Katowice 180 km east.

In mid-2021, with the financial participation of Frontier Estates, a part of Błękitna Street was built, constituting a commune road, directly surrounding Frontier Park Wrocław and allowing quick access from the Bielany Wrocławskie motorway junction.

Currently, talks with several entities regarding lease agreements are being finalized, and over the next few weeks the project will have its first tenants.

"Frontier Park Wrocław is an excellent proposition for small and medium-sized companies looking for flexible warehouse space. This type of solution works well in many industries that require warehousing, space for displaying their goods and the possibility of running an office in the same location. In the modules of Frontier Park Wrocław, we also enable conducting light production, which opens us to such types of activity as design, packaging, confectioning, sorting, assembly from ready-made elements, shipping, etc.", says Daniel Oponowicz, Commercial Director at Frontier Estates Polska

The completion of construction and the handover of the premises to tenants is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2022. Frontier Estates has experience in the implementation of 40 Small Business Units in Great Britain, as well as 150 projects in the public, commercial, residential and hotel sectors in Europe.