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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian developer Forty Management has sold out the Central District Viitorului 134 residential project, one month before construction completion. The Bucharest-based complex has a gross development value of €12.8 million without VAT. 

The project includes 40 apartments divided into two buildings, an office and commercial space of 1,000 sqm. 

"This is the fifth consecutive project sold out before handover to the beneficiaries, a unique performance on the Romanian market that we steadily recorded for a long time, not by chance,” said Ana Ciobanu, Executive Manager Forty Management. 

The concept was designed by Romanian architect Daniel Ciocăzanu, from Dooi Studio, with a portfolio of reference in Paris, London, Dubai and Bucharest. 

“We believe that such residential compound, offering a high quality of living and the comfort of a quiet community, right in the centre of Bucharest, with access to all urban infrastructure, will be a winning formula in the years to come, regardless of the global economic context," added Lucian Azoiței, CEO Forty Management. 

In 2021, the developer recorded a consolidated turnover of 132.2 million lei (close to €27 million) and a net profit of 80.7 million lei (around €16 million). The company is owned by Azoiței family with 88.4% of the total shares.