News Article Crystal Lagoons Forty Management Lucian Azoiței
by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian developer Forty Management has announced a new partnership with Crystal Lagoons to develop man-made lagoons in seven new cities across Europe (Rome, Milan, Toulouse and Seville), with three more to be announced next.

These developments involve a €630 million pipeline and are in addition to those already initiated in Bucharest, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw.

“Aspects such as the mild climate, the economic and market opportunities, as well as the support we will receive from local authorities for such complex projects, are some of the factors that contributed to the selection of these cities to scale the Lagoon City concept. Such criteria will be equally important in choosing the other three cities in Europe where we will develop Public Access Lagoons,” said Lucian Azoiței, Forty Management’s CEO. 

Forty Management’s portfolio currently includes eight mixed-use Lagoon City projects and 11 Public Access Lagoon projects to be developed in seven countries.