News Article Bence Boronkay Faedra Group funding Hungary industrial Nikolett Majorosi
by Property Forum | Industrial

Hungarian property investor Faedra Group has successfully raised €17 million, with the proceeds set to finance the group's new local logistics-industrial developments in the coming years.

The funding was raised through Faedra II Real Estate Development Fund, managed by Faedra Fund Management, part of the real estate developer group. The subscription took place in a private closed-end real estate fund with outstanding yield potential.

This successful capital raising confirms the trust investors have in Faedra, which is based on competence, delivering previous yield promises, and outstanding yield potential, said Bence Boronkay, Founder and CEO of Faedra Group.

Nikolett Majorosi, CEO of Faedra Fund Management, added that the capital raising was achieved alongside the originally set maximum amount and the acceptance of all subscription offers.

The company aims to continue developments in its existing asset classes and is exploring entry into other segments.