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by Property Forum | Office

Office building Euro Tower, developed by Cascade Group in central Bucharest, has obtained the first LEED ZERO CARBON certification in Romania. 

The project reached the level of carbon neutrality in 2019, as well as in 2020, according to a study realized by BuildGreen for the assessment of the building’s degree of carbon emissions during this interval. 

“Our electricity consumption comes 100% from renewable sources. We are all responsible for the efficient use and protection of the environment, and reducing CO2 emissions must not only be a goal set in the Green Deal plan, but a priority for everybody,” said Cascade Group representatives. 

The building’s decarbonization strategy was developed and implemented under the coordination of BuildGreen, a provider of certification and advisory services. 

“Globally, the real estate market is going through a historic stage that will lead to a complete change in development practices, with sustainability as central pillar in the global development strategies, and the neutralization of CO2 emissions being the trigger in moving towards the right direction,” added Răzvan Nica, Managing Director BuildGreen. 

Euro Tower has a total leasable area of 18,000 sqm and was certified as a green building in 2009.