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by Property Forum | Office

E.ON Business Services Cluj, part of the German group E.ON, will relocate to a  new office space in Record Park, the mixed-use project developed by Speedwell, and owned by AYA Properties Fund. The fit out works for the new office have been completed and the company is expected to start operations in the new space soon.

The new tenant occupies two consecutive floors amounting to 3,500 sqm office space. The lease transaction was brokered by Griffes agency.

E.ON’s new office will include numerous collaborative areas strategically integrated throughout the workspace. The complex features cosy breakout zones, relaxing terraces and modern meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology.

“We eagerly anticipate the boundless opportunities this new workspace will bring to enhance our services and employee experience,” said Stefan Balster, Managing Director E.ON Business Services Cluj.

Record Park is the first mixed use development project in Cluj-Napoca, offering 15,000 sqm of office space and 236 apartments, anchored by leisure and recreation facilities.

“Our vision for Record Park was to create a space that fosters innovation and collaboration, and this office perfectly aligns with that vision. It is truly gratifying to see how this space has transformed into an environment where they can excel in delivering top-notch energy solutions. I am excited to see E.ON's team thrive in this dynamic setting and eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will make in the energy industry from their new headquarter,” said Didier Balcaen, Co-Founder and Partner of Speedwell.

Andreea Păun, Managing Partner of Griffes, mentioned that E.ON’s new office is boasting cutting-edge design and modern amenities.

”It has been an exciting journey to witness the transformation of this workspace into a dynamic environment that will undoubtedly inspire E.ON's team and elevate their service offerings to the next level,” added Păun.

The offices in Record Park will be further upgraded through the addition of photovoltaic panels on the building’s roofs as part of Speedwell’s sustainability development strategy.