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by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian property fund Encore Capital Trust has made 170 acquisitions in the first six months of operation with an average investment ticket of around €290,000. The purchases covered apartments and parking lots based in nine residential projects. 

The deals were funded by a starting capital of €5.1 million that was raised from 27 investors including Dan Șucu and Silviana Berciu. Until now, almost half of the capital was invested with an estimated return of 20%.

”As inflationary pressure eases, we expect a return in the risk appetite and investors to relocate capital from bank deposits and government bonds to the real economy, 2023 becoming the best moment to invest on medium and long term,” said Robert Butoi, CFA, Executive Director Encore Capital Trust. 

The funds strategy includes the purchase of homes in the early development stage, mezzanine investments and iBuyer acquisitions on the secondary residential market. 

Encore Capital Trust aims to reach an investment portfolio of tens of millions of euros in the medium term.