News Article Dorin Crisoverghi Dunwell ELBI P3 Logistics Parks Romania
by Property Forum | Industrial

ELBI, the supplier of low power equipment, has leased 15,000 sqm in P3 Bucharest A1 and will start operating the warehouse in November 2022 following an investment of €3 million.

The company will create 150 jobs and will operate the warehouse as a logistics hub for B2B and B2C lines. The lease deal was brokered by Dunwell Industrial Brokerage.

ELBI recorded sales of €61 million in 2021 and is looking to expand its portfolio of 10,000 clients.

”The facility of this location materializes the qualitative requirements of our business model in the conditions of organic growth of ELBI,” said Dorin Crisoverghi, ELBI’s administrator. Negotiations for setting up the logistics centre started 3 years ago.

P3 Bucharest A1 is part of P3’s European portfolio that exceeds 6.5 million sqm.